What to watch on Netflix : Top Movies and Shows on Netflix

May 16, 2021 By VishalPatidar

Netflix is a website where you can watch shows which are being uploaded on Netflix site this site includes every type of content whether it is action , horror , romance etc and in every category this site have different language and subtitle also . So Netflix is a very good platform for your binge watch .

In this article we are going to give you best 10 content driven Hollywood movies which can leave you in wow .

Best Hollywood movies on Netflix to watch out for –

1 . Immigration Nation(2020)

This movie is a 6 part documentary series which is based on the story line of agents . It is directed by Christina Clusiau and Shaulchwarz . Immigration nation is filmed between 2017-2020 and have footage of different departments of US government .

2 . Master of None (2015)

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A comedy drama film which has a great content and it is based on writer’s real life experiences . It is created by Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang . Master of None can be a great movie from which you can relate your real experiences.

3 . Dirty Money (2018)

Dirty Money is a documentary series which has twelve episodes and focus on corruption and scandal in business and their exposing in public . A great example of writing , this film gives you a wave of suspense .Jigsaw Productions is the company which produces this movie .

4 . Blood of Zeus (2020)

A animated but a very action packed movie which shows a young men who is determined to save earth and heaven from opposite forces . The animation of this series is done by Mua Film and it is produced by Powerhouse Animation.

5 . The Confession Killer (2019)

It is a documentary and a must to watch for the documentary lovers , it is perfectly created and narrated . This movie sets its background in 1980s which is directed by Robert Kenner and Taki Oldham.

6 . Alias Grace (2017)

1996 based drama series which is adopted from novel Margaret Atwood which focus on a domestic servant and immigrant who is accused of a murder . A full of suspense series which is directed by Mary Harron . This movie is a sure for suspense drama genre lovers .

7 . Unbelievable (2019)

Based on a true story of rape of a teen Unbelievable is surely a series which will force you to tell that wow it is unbelievable . This series has a lots of drama and suspense thriller created by Susannah Grant and Ayelet Waldman.

8 . Five Came Back (2017)

This series is created by 5 acclaimed directors who tells the story of 5 legendary filmmakers which are then enlisted in forces to make documentary on World War second . This film is perfect for Action movie lovers .

9 . Lovesick (2015)

This is one of the best romantic show you will get on Netflix , show involved such good humour and relatable characters which together put up a great show . A must watch for romantic content lovers .

10 . When They See Us (2019)

A crime miniseries focuses on a fighting the convictions of charged rape . This series has a real good writing and content is full of suspense .This series is directed by Ava DuVernay .

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