Translucent Teeth : Cause and 5 Reasons why your Teeth look Translucent

May 29, 2021 By VishalPatidar

Translucent teeth are the indication of enamel loss of your teeth . Transparent teeth or translucent teeth is something which is a type of teeth which becomes thin . Tooth which becomes thin or started looking like translucent at the bottom of the teeth are known as translucent teeth .

translucent teeth

Enamel coating helps your teeth look thick and non transparent , but when coating of enamel declines or enamel starts to break down because of foods or any health conditions, your teeth may look thinner and can be transparent also .

When this condition comes it can only be controlled , not cured . So , if you see any kind of decay in your teeth or your teeth starts to look thin , you should contact your dentist as soon as possible .

As Enamel loss can be cured it only can restricted from further damage , so see your dentist soon because , if you delay then your whole tooth might get effected from this loss .

Appearance of Translucent Teeth

Your teeth consist of two layers , the first one is dental enamel . This dental enamel layer is the outermost layer of your tooth and it protects from outer conditions .

The second layer is dentin , which is responsible for the colour of your teeth . But this dentin layer does not extend to the edges of your teeth or we can say to the bottom of your teeth .

Because of this whole enamel is not covered by tooth and that causes the edges to look translucent if your dental enamel get breaks out.

5 Factors causing Translucent Teeth

There can be multiple factors that can cause translucent or transparent teeth , these factors include –

Enamel Hypoplasia (Genetic condition)

Enamel Hypoplasia is a genetic condition in which your teeth are lacking minerals , or they are weak or comes with weak enamel from birth itself . These condition combines to show translucent teeth . In some enamel hypoplasia condition you may have translucent teeth with very thin tooth enamel and the teeth appears translucent from birth itself .

Acidic Food Intake (GERD PROBLEM)

Acidic food intake can cause your teeth translucent or transparent because of acidic exposure to your teeth . This acidic food intake can cause gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) , and if gastroesophageal reflux disease remains untreated for some time it can cause acidic reflux and frequent vomiting conditions , therefore your teeth may get exposure to acid and it can make enamel weak and may lead to demineralization also .

Celiac Disease ( gluten intake)

This disease occurs due to taking of glutens in food . These glutens can cause intestine damage and it may also cause gastrointestinal problems like bloating and diarrhea . But how this disease cause translucent teeth?

This disease also effects the development of enamel which is important for teeth . Many people who have Celiac disease suffers from thin front teeth also .

Teeth Whitening Products

Teeth whitening products like bleach , can destroy your teeth balance of enamel and can result in thin teeth .Teeth are made up of calcium and if you use bleach on them frequently than , it can cause damage to your teeth .

Bulimia ( eating disorder )

Bulimia is a eating disorder , which can cause your body more prone to vomiting and make your digestion weak . If you avoid your eating habits than bulimia causes frequent vomiting . Vomiting comes with stomach acids which are harmful for teeth , and frequent vomiting can cause your teeth translucent .

Symptoms of Translucent Teeth

There are multiple signs before your teeth actually starts looking transparent or translucent . The symptoms may include the following –

  • Dry mouth is directly associated with your teeth health because, if you are not producing enough saliva then your teeth will not get proper enzymes to fight cavities . And cavities can cause erosion in enamel , will can eventually cause transparent teeth .
  • Sensitivity is another symptom that is connected with thin teeth . Normal pain in tooth and sensitivity to foods which are too cold or hot are the signs that your enamel is eroding slowly day by day .
  • You may also experience changes in appearance of your tooth , they might start looking more thin or might start weakening .

Transparent teeth Treatments

Treatment of transparent or translucent teeth depends on how much you have lost enamel . If you observe that your teeth are thin or they started appearing thin then you must see help from your dentist . Your dentist will recommend you one of the following three options according to your enamel loss .

Dental CrownsVeneers Tooth Bonding
These are protective caps which is used to cover teeth
Normally required two days to implement this
Hard tooth colored shells used in front of teeth
Normally required two days to implement this
Composite resin is applied to your teeth which makes a layer
Normally requires 1 day to implement this

1 . Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are used for people who have extremely thin teeth or weak teeth and e=which appears to be chip on bottom . It is a procedure in which your dentist will place the crowns on top of your teeth , which will create a defence layer and structure to your teeth .

Dental crowns can be made up of ceramic ,metal, porcelain or resin .


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2 . Veneers

These are used to address minor and moderate tooth damage .In this procedure hard porcelain tooth colored shells are designed to place in front of your teeth . These hard shells are use to hide discoloration and gaps of your teeth .

Veneers are made with porcelain or resin materials and are helpful in stopping further enamel loss .

3. Tooth Bonding

Tooth bonding is a procedure in which composite resin is shaped as your teeth and the color is also matched as your teeth and then placed to cover your teeth . This resin is then gets hard and it makes a protective layer , which provides protection from further enamel loss .

Prevention of Thin Teeth

You can only prevent translucent teeth to some extant because , enamel hypoplasia and celiac disease can’t be prevented by you , and these two condition make it more difficult to prevent thin tooth . But , there are factors which are in your hand and you can control them to prevent this condition . These factors are –

You have to avoid highly acidic foods , which will not cause acidic exposure to enamel

Avoid use of artificial whitening products such as bleach , which can cause damage to enamel

Don’t avoid cleaning your mouth after eating of consuming acidic things

Make sure you drink more water so can your mouth remain wet , and production of saliva remains in normal condition

Manage your acidic reflux according to your GERD condition .

If you have sensitivity or you are fond of acidic food then you should use straw for acidic drinks .

You can also take care at home and use home remedies so that you can prevent transparent teeth , these remedies include –

  • You can use lactose free milk to control acidity and increase calcium
  • Drinking water intake should be increased to control dry mouth
  • You can take probiotic tablets or good quality yogurt.
  • A toothpaste which contain fluoride should be used .

Cost of Treatment

The cost of treatment for translucent teeth varies according to the condition of your teeth . Your dentist will advice you according to the condition of your teeth that which of three treatment methods you should choose .

Normally the cost comes in between USD 1500 to USD 6000.


Translucent teeth are the sign of enamel loss which can cause further problem . So contacting your dentist as soon as possible will help you in recognizing the real roblem .

You can take prevention steps if your teeth starts appearing transparent . You can also use home remedies to prevent .

As far as the treatment is concern , your dentist will tell you which type of treatment is suited on you , so you have to contact your dentist .

You should regularly keep checks on your teeth .

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