6 Easy and Productive Skills to Learn in Free Time

May 18, 2021 By VishalPatidar

People often ask that what skills to learn in free time , the practical and proven answer is here . These are the 6 easy and productive skills to learn in free time .

1 .Learn a language which is close to your mother tongue

Learning a new language in free time is a really good and worthy work to do because , a new language can help you make new friends , you get another star in your resume and learning a new one is pretty awesome if you want to impress someone

Points to consider while learning new Language 
language skills to learn in free time
  • Choose a language which is be close to your mother tongue
  • Take a language which is spoken by some people in your are
  • Always start with learning alphabets

2 . Learn to play a Guitar

Learning a guitar is also a good thing to do in your free time . Learning Guitar is a dream of many people and now you are getting good amount of time so you should learn how to play guitar . In today’s time everything is available on You tube so you don’t have to go anywhere and you need not to pay any fees .

Points to keep in mind 
  • Always see for a good You Tube channel which has good amount of followers
  • Only learn step by step don’t switch directly on advanced level
  • Try not to force learning things come with patience

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3 . Read a good Novel with positive outcome (reading)

You should read a good Novel which can make you busy and you forget all other things while reading a Novel . Reading is a good thing to do specially when you are alone , free or bored . A good Novel will make you feel better as the chapters pass .

How to choose Novel 
  • Take a genre of Novel which you like to read the most for example you can take horror genre

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  • Read with patience because reading need your time and patience
  • Search a Novel which is written by a recognized Author

4 . Learn how to cook different recipes

Different type of cooking is a very good time pass as well as skill developer for you . Cooking is something you always need as a skill , if you are home alone you should know how to cook rather than eating outside food . And if you know how to cook then prepare some new recipes which haven’t been prepared by you till now .

Things to consider while learning how to cook
  • Prepare something new which can give a good amount of learning
  • Choose a dish which is not served to you till now or which is of different country

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5 . Photography skill

Photography is something which is liked by everyone and many do it for there pleasure . Clicking picture is not something that is only done by DSLR camera , you can also learn mobile photography and if you have a good mobile with good camera then you don’t a digital camera , you can do wonders with mobile only .

Points to consider before learning this skill 
  • You must have a smart phone with good camera quality
  • Learning this skill is easy these days , as You Tube got everything
  • Find a channel which is popular on You Tube

6 . Write a Blog

Learn how to write a Blog , blogging is very easy you just have to put in your views on a particular topic and publish it , it is free of cost and it is your own things which you can control and learn by practicing it online .Blogging can also help you to earn money if you have some good bogging skills in your bag . Writing a blog can increase your capability to thing and write .

Points to consider while writing Blog
  • Always choose your favorite topic to write something on
  • Don’t lay stress on mind just write what you feel
  • If you are going for professional blog then first learn how to write

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