Importance and Health Benefits of Shavasana : Best 20 Benefits of Savasana

June 30, 2021 By VishalPatidar

Shavasana is the most difficult of all asanas. It requires a whole lot of practice. Do savasana after each asana or relax leaving the body loose for a while. Whenever you get tired while working, come tired from outside or the mind is disturbed due to some problem, then do five minutes of shavasana or we can say shavadana .

All the tiredness will go away. If you do not get a good sleep at night, then practice savasana daily for some time before sleeping.

Meaning of shavasana (shavadana)– dead body; posture – posture

Shava is a Sanskrit word which means dead or dead body. This posture, which makes one’s body like a dead body, is called Shavasana. This yoga is a pose to relax.

This asana is usually done at the end of all yoga poses. In this asana, the body is left loose and it provides new energy to the body and mind.

Shavasana is known as corpse pose (corpse pose) and alternatively as martasana or death pose. This yoga posture has only one goal – complete peace of body and mind.

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Savasana karne ka tarika

  • Every part of the body should be loose. Loosen the toes by moving them. This will loosen the leg veins. Move the shoulders, this will loosen the torso. Move the neck, this will loosen the nerves of the brain. Bring this feeling in your mind that my whole body is getting loose.
  • As the breath comes and goes, let it come and go. By this breathing will be normal on its own. The subtler your breathing, the more you can relax yourself.
  • From the toe to the top of the head, look at each part with the mind’s eye (with eyes closed), just as a person standing looks at a person lying down. You too should undertake this intimate journey with full sincerity and total consciousness and with full attention while focusing all the senses. This brings the mind and body to rest.
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Types of Shavasana

right and left side burial – In this type of Shavadana, vocal science has been made the basis. The left breath cools the body and the right heats it. When you lie on the right side, the left breath moves and when you lie on the left side, the right one. Right Side Savasana To do Savasana, first lie on the right side.

Make a pillow of the right elbow and place it under the head. With the other hand on the waist, the leg is slightly bent, so that the lower part also becomes relaxed. Lie in this position for a minute or two and then lie on your left side. After having a meal, lying on the left side for some time helps in digestion of food.

Relevance of Shav Asana

Shavadana is the practice of death. The death of the ego, the death of all desires and the death of greed for anything outside of us. Wrong thinking, the death of any kind of hatred.

Through this mudra, we have the opportunity to change. Who were we before we woke up and who we are after we will go. It is believed that after this mudra you have a new birth.

Benefits of Shav Asana | Shavasana ke Laabh

After the stretching of the posture, as soon as you do Shavasana, the pure blood goes to the ends of each part of the body and brings the disorder back to the heart through the veins, be aware that the blood comes to the lungs and gets purified. Shavadana

Shavasana Benefits on our Mental Health

Reduces stress and anxiety – The main purpose of Shavasana is to keep the mind and mind calm. By doing this asana, stress and anxiety are reduced. It is beneficial in diseases of heart and blood pressure. One gets freedom from negative thoughts that arise in the mind. Which is very important for our life.

Aids in meditation – Helps to concentrate. It is considered an effective yoga asana to increase concentration. This increases memory and it acts like yoga meditation. It calms the brain and gives relief from depression.

transmits energy – Shavasana gives new energy to the mind and body, which is very useful for doing the work of the day. When we wake up after completing this yoga, then the mind remains happy and positive, which is also very important for our family and social relationships.

Shavasana Benefits on our Spiritual Health

Helps in happy mood – A yogi who does Vasana learns to be happy in every situation. He is not affected by any happiness or sorrow. Spirituality is a feeling that makes us feel the presence of God. Even in the absence of worldly pleasures, the spiritual benefits obtained from Shavadana give happiness and happiness to the mind. Similarly, in the absence of this spiritual happiness even the biggest worldly achievement cannot give happiness.

Distracts from physical means – By doing Shavasana, attention is diverted from material means and objects. Their absence also does not affect the person.

Attachment to the body and Maya work – The person’s attachment to the body and money is reduced. He doesn’t run after these things. He remains happy by earning money as per the requirement.

Physical Health benfits of shavasana yoga

Relieves headache and sleeplessness – This shavasana yoga acts like a doctor for headache, fatigue and insomnia. It gives relaxation to the body which leads to good sleep. Muscles get good rest by this yoga.

Blood pressure is controlled – Yoga Shavasana keeps the mind as well as the body healthy. It improves blood flow in our body. This yoga is very beneficial for the patient with diseases like psychosis, heart problem, blood pressure, sugar etc. This also improves the defect.

strengthens the respiratory system – By doing this yoga, our respiratory system becomes strong. Our lungs are strengthened by exhaling and taking deep breaths. It is also beneficial in asthma and asthma diseases.

relaxes the body – While doing Shavadana, the body is left relaxed and inhaled slowly. This process gives a lot of relaxation to the body which is required after doing other yoga. This yoga helps in getting back the lost energy and rejuvenates.

Right way to doing this shavasana yoga Mudra

  • To perform Shavasan, spread a mat or seat on an open place and lie down straight on the back with eyes closed. Some people recommend doing Shavasana yoga with Dandasana also. Before doing this yoga, make sure that you do not face any kind of disturbance while doing this yoga. Try not to take the support of a pillow or any other object under the neck.
  • Now let go of your body. Spread the arms and legs in such a way that no part of the body touches each other and this allows the body to get complete relaxation. The palms should be facing upwards and the eyes should be closed.
  • Now focus your attention slowly on each part of the body in such a way that the body can get relaxation. Like first take your attention to the right foot (toes and knees) and then do the same for the left foot. Then move your attention to the hands, stomach, heart and finally the head.
  • Now slowly take a deep breath. In this way, with every breath you will get a new energy and when you take a full breath, then release it slowly in such a way that your body can be completely relaxed. Do not pay attention to the thoughts and worries that come in the mind and try to focus on yoga itself.
  • Do the Shavasana for five to ten minutes. When this posture is done, slowly open your eyes and move the parts of the body like hands and feet and start rotating the wrists. Stretch your whole body by raising your hand. Then get up slowly and come to the position of Sukhasana by hitting the cross.

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Things to consider while doing shavasana yoga

  • If you feel stiffness in the shoulder or back by doing Shavasan and you try to force it, then there will be pain in the neck. If you want, you can raise the neck a little. If more is needed, then a small pillow can be used so that there is no adverse effect on the neck. But when there is no problem in doing the asana, then stop using pillows.
  • Thus, if there is mild pain in the waist or hips, then a pillow can also be placed under the knees at the time of Shavasan.
  • If in the beginning you could not succeed in trying to control the mind in this yoga, then do not leave this yoga but keep trying to do it continuously. You will get success within few days.
  • Shavasana yoga benefits can be done after any yoga. But it should be done especially after pranayama so that the body can get enough rest from it.
  • If your hamstrings (thigh muscles) are tight or stiff, doing this can cause back pain. To avoid this situation, the legs should be slightly raised above the ground while doing Shavasana.

Why people consider this shavadana asana as difficult ?

It is a belief that Shavasana is a very simple asana. It looks simple in which one has to lie down and relax. But in reality it is a very difficult asana which has to control the mind, release worries and also remove fatigue. Which is a very difficult task.

The reason is that the art of total relaxation is more difficult than it seems. It doesn’t happen on anyone’s wish. We can’t say “Come on, I’m going to rest now”! Very few can get complete rest.

This is the reason why Shav Asana is nothing less than a gift. Or allow you to slowly enter a really relaxed state.

When you first start practicing Shavasana, it can be a struggle. You may feel tense and just staring at the ceiling of your house. Or, you can take a nap in the meantime.

The essence of Shavasana is to relax with meditation, that is, to be alert and alert even when in a state of rest. Be aware while resting. That’s why it’s a very difficult pose

Do not skip shavasana practice

It happens many times that after doing complete yoga posture, we feel that what is the need of Shavasana yoga posture. It neither sweats nor loses any calories. So why should we waste time doing this?

Or else we have to skip this yoga posture in a hurry. There could be many reasons to skip this

But this should not be done at all. not at all!

Yoga Shavasana is such an asana which is beneficial in many ways like other yoga. It compensates for the energy lost while doing this yoga and gives new energy, so this yoga should never be left.

Shavasana for kids

Like adults, Shavasana is also beneficial for children. Today’s children are tomorrow’s future. If children inculcate a good habit of doing yoga from an early age, then they will be useful throughout their life.

Shavasana (Yoga for Kids) is completely safe for children and they will not have any problem in doing it. Benefits of performing Shavasana for children –

  • Increases self-confidence: – By doing Shavasana, confidence increases in children. If they are healthy then they will be able to study well and will perform well in other fields as well. The success they get will continue to boost their confidence.
  • Helps in increasing concentration and memory: – Many children are very stubborn. They get angry over small things. By doing Shavasana, their mind will be calm and their concentration and memory will increase. Children also have the burden of studies and due to online studies, many children spend more on gadgets, due to which they can also be stressed. It will be very beneficial for their career.
  • Increases the flexibility of the body:- By doing other yoga including Shavasana, the flexibility of their body will increase. They will remain healthy in future also.
  • Helps in academic development :- Parents are very worried about the education and future of the children. By doing this yoga, children will be able to pay more attention to their academic performance. They will have academic development and they will be able to achieve success in life.

Precautions for this asana

  • Take special care that you do not fall asleep while doing this yoga. The main purpose of this yoga is to give relaxation to the body. If laziness or yawning comes from doing this yoga, then speed up the breathing rate, this will remove laziness and the body will experience meditation.
  • If there is back pain or any disease related to the waist, then this yoga should not be done and the body should not be moved at all while doing it.
  • Women must consult a doctor before doing this, although pregnant women and menstruating women do not harm by doing it.
  • While doing this, do not bring any kind of worry or thought in your mind, otherwise doing it will not be beneficial.

The bottom line

There are many benefits from all yoga, but Shavasana is a very good posture of yoga science. Doing this asana does not require much effort and it can be done easily by a person of any age.

Yoga Shavasana supports the central nervous system, digestive and immune systems. It also calms the mind and reduces stress. Reduces headache, fatigue and anxiety. Helps in blood pressure control. Promotes spiritual awakening and awareness of higher consciousness.

Above we also saw why this yoga pose is a very difficult yoga pose. And why should not leave the year for any reason. Should not skip.

People of any age can do this and can take advantage of it. Therefore, to get the many health benefits of Shav Asana, definitely include it in your yoga session.

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