Sexual relationship: Why are men and women worried about high libido? Know its common reasons

August 23, 2021 By VishalPatidar

While a low sex drive can be a cause for concern, it is natural to have a high libido. From hormonal changes to a healthy and new relationship, there are many factors that can cause an increase in libido levels. Also, age plays an important role in determining your sex drive level. If you think that you are excited about your sex life and are always ready for a fun- romantic date, then you are on the right track. However, it is also important to know that what exactly is causing your increased sex drive? Here we are telling you some common causes of high libido. Change in hormones When it comes to sex drive, hormonal changes play an important role. Hormone levels vary at different stages of life. Whether you have just entered puberty or are experiencing menopause, your hormone levels may affect your libido. But can be more sexually active. Because during puberty, testosterone production in young boys is much higher than in much older adults. At the same time, girls in the middle age group are more sexually active than younger women. Regular exercise An increase in physical activity can increase your sex drive. Research has often shown increased physical fitness. Linked to sexual desire. Aphrodisiac foods Foods can also affect your sex drive. Aphrodisiac foods like chocolate, strawberries, figs, asparagus can increase your libido. Lack of stress Maintaining a healthy sex life is all about keeping your stress levels and anxiety at bay. One who is less stressed and happier is bound to have a higher sex drive. Happiness in a relationship A new romantic relationship is full of excitement and enthusiasm. The desire to be together sets the goals of the couples. People often experience an increase in their sex drive when starting a new relationship. In addition to harmless causes of high libido, hypersexuality can also cause an increase in sex drive. It is a disorder associated with sexual thoughts or behaviors that can lead to mental health issues. Click here to read this article in English.

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