rubina dilaik husband illness: rubina dilaik’s husband does not remember name-date due to dyslexia

August 10, 2021 By VishalPatidar

What is dyslexia? A neurological learning disability, dyslexia is a condition related to the brain. In some cases it can also be a genetic disease. A patient with dyslexia is unable to read anything properly. In addition to not recognizing words, a dyslexic person may also have trouble writing correctly. Apart from this, its decoding capacity may also be reduced. However, it is important to note that being dyslexic does not affect intelligence or vision in any way. If you detect dyslexia at an early stage, it can be resolved quickly in time. With proper teaching and special education, a child with dyslexia can overcome obstacles and be successful. Although there is no specific treatment for this condition, but by identifying its symptoms, you can prevent it. Multiple organ failure is the cause of death of Sajjan Singh aka Anupam Shyam, do not take these symptoms lightly Dyslexia symptoms in youth Difficulty in reading Spelling issues Incorrect pronunciation of words and names Inability to remember Inability to solve math problems Understand jokes and expressions Problems with diabetes should eat foods with a low glycemic index, won’t increase sugar Types of dyslexia and their causesPrimary Dyslexia – Primary dyslexia can be hereditary and is a genetically inherited condition. It affects the baby’s ability to process sounds, letters and numbers, which later affects their writing, reading and maths. Secondary Dyslexia – Secondary dyslexia occurs when the baby is not even born it happens. This is in relation to certain issues of brain development in the womb that lead to neurological impairment, resulting in dyslexia. For example, words like ‘honest’, ‘subtle’ and ‘yacht’ are pronounced differently than they are spelled. Surface dyslexia can make it more difficult for children to understand the difference between the sound of a word and its spelling. Phonological dyslexia – Difficulty identifying the individual sounds that make up a word for people with phonological dyslexia Visual dyslexia – visual dyslexia affects abilities such as reading and remembering what they had previously observed. This means that the brain is unable to fully see what it sees. Acquired dyslexia – also known as trauma dyslexia, is a condition caused by injury to the brain from trauma or disease it happens. This results in slow language processing and reading speed. .

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