Raksha Bandhan 2021: Brother, I have to fulfill the bond of Rakhi, but do not come home to tie ‘Rakhi’

August 22, 2021 By VishalPatidar

There are many relationships in our life to say, but the relationship of brother and sister is very special. Rakhi festival ‘Rakshabandhan’ deepens this unbreakable love of brother and sister. Every brother and sister eagerly waits for this festival. Because sister ties Rakhi on her brother’s wrist on this day and brother also promises to protect her always. But due to Kovid-19, this festival of Rakhi is no longer the same. There are many brothers and sisters who are stuck in different cities and countries due to the epidemic. In such a situation, it is not possible for them to follow this tradition even if they wish. In such a situation, there are many options and techniques for brother and sister to show their love towards each other. So let us share with you some tips to celebrate Rakshabandhan amidst social distancing. Express your love through social mediaIf you find it unsafe to deliver gifts for brother or sister online during the corona pandemic, then post a heartwarming message for your sibling on social media. Some old pictures from their childhood days can make their day special. You can even create a collage of several photos and videos to turn the occasion into memorable moments. A box of childhood memories of a dear brother and sister is nothing compared to expensive gifts. Help brother to make his favorite dish The best way to make this day special for siblings living under one roof is to make your brother’s favorite sweet at home. But if you are away from your siblings and even if you want to meet them, the desire to meet them is not being fulfilled, then it does not matter. You can help your brother in making his favorite dish online on video call by staying at home. By doing this you can make dessert or dish at the same time. It will also be fun to know who makes it the best. Wearing the same dress during this time will also be very interesting. This will turn your Rakhi festival into a fun activity. Celebrate brother-sister bond by making a video call – If you or your brothers are in different cities and countries in the corona pandemic, stay where you are for security reasons. But don’t let the lockdown affect this sacred bond of brother and sister. Even if you can’t visit each other, you can connect with them via video call and follow all the traditions. It is also a great idea to invite all the siblings and cousins ​​to join the video conference call to make it a memorable one. Give a surprise online gift to siblings, who are no longer together due to job, studies or marriage, they miss their siblings a lot on this festival. Due to social distancing and lockdown, he is unable to meet his siblings even if he wants. If this is the case, then during the pandemic, one should avoid going from one shop to another for Rakhi. Online portals are best for this. From here you can choose a gift for your brother or sister and get it delivered online. Then even if you are not with them, but seeing your surprise gift will definitely bring a smile to their face. Play indoor games at home For those who are with their loved ones under one roof, there are many ways to celebrate the Rakshabandhan festival. If you want, you can make sweets, snacks, cakes, cookies together with your siblings. It is also a fun idea to sit with them and play indoor games or look at childhood pictures and videos. A glimpse of brother-sister love is seen in the festival of Rakhi. Then no matter how far apart, no social distancing can reduce the love between them. So don’t get discouraged and try these ideas quickly and enjoy the festival of Rakshabandhan with your brothers and sisters. .

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