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May 21, 2021 By VishalPatidar

Neeya Naana is a Tamil language TV serial , which is currently digitally available on Disney plus Hotstar digital platform .

Neeya Naana is typically a talk show , in which two polarised groups of society are given chance to talk . In this talk show people from different groups of society share their views on socially relevant topics.

neeya naana

This talk show is made to create different prospectives of different views in society . It is a show where people tell their point of view on topics which are socially relevant .

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Review of Neeya Naana

Neeya Naana talk show invites people to debate on topics , which is a really good thing to do . Talking about socially relevant topics is the need of an hour . People like this show .

Mr. Gopinath as a show host is really good and entertaining . The people who are invited on the show till now are also ok.

But , the problem with the show is that , it doesn’t allow people to share their personal experience fully .

Some invited people are very prejudices, who doesn’t want to listen to any argument .

This show seems somewhat wander from it’s content . Because people start to get hiper . Sometimes it looks like a political debate show .

There were participants who complain that they didn’t get chance or full chance to express themselves .

All in all this show has a great design , but the implementation of the show on it seems slightly disturbed .

Show is pretty good for people who are interested in different topics of the society .

To summarize the show on one sentence i will tell that it is not managed properly .

I will give this show 3 out of 5 stars .

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How to participate in NEEYA NAANA show

Participating in Neeya Naana show depends on your luck . You have make a phone call on the numbers given during show , then you will get questions from the broadcasters . After that you have to answer that question , and then its all depend on your answer .

If the casting team likes your answer than you will be called for show .

Cast of Neeya Naana

  • Mr. Gopinath as a show host

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