neeraj chopra tokyo olympics 2021: Neeraj Chopra, who won the gold medal in Tokyo Olympics, was once troubled by obesity, know how his fitness diet plan is

August 8, 2021 By VishalPatidar

Neeraj Chopra has won the javelin throw gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics 2021 and with this he ended the country’s 100-year wait. After 13 years, the Indian tricolor was raised in the Olympics and the national anthem was sung as soon as Neeraj came in gold. Neeraj has captured the gold by covering the best distance of 87.58. This is India’s first gold medal after the 2008 Beijing Olympics, so Neeraj Chopra is being applauded all around the country. However, here we are discussing Neeraj Chopra’s daily routine, fitness workout and his diet. Because at one time Neeraj was also very fat but later he lost his weight and due to his fitness, you know the place he is at today. Neeraj works out at homeSince Neeraj Chopra is an athlete as well as Even if he is a soldier, then obviously he leads a very disciplined life. His schedule is very tight and he maintains himself on time. Although Neeraj likes to go to the gym, but due to Kovid, he currently does it at his home. Most of Neeraj exercises in the stairs and room of his house. Neeraj believes that if you are serious about fitness, then you will innovate new techniques to stay fit anywhere in any condition. Neeraj, who was 80 kg at the age of 11, and now at the age of 23, he is 86 kg, who is in perfect shape according to his 6 feet height. Vicky Kaushal gave Weight Gain Tips to thin boys, himself has increased 15 Kg weight strength training and running for muscles Neerajneeraj Chopra focuses on strength training and also exercises abs. To increase stamina, Neeraj does running and with this he also does weight lifting. He also does dumbbell front and side raises daily, this increases the strength of the shoulders. As you know, there is a lot of emphasis on the shoulder in the javelin throw, which is very important to keep strong. Apart from this, he also does many types of tough workouts. Neeraj Chopra’s Diet PlanNeeraj Chopra does not like to take too much fatty diet in his daily routine. On the day of the match, he prefers to eat only salad and fruits, so that there is energy in the body and there is no feeling of heaviness. For breakfast, Neeraj takes daily brown bread and omelet. For lunch and dinner, Neeraj takes grilled chicken breast, grilled salmon and eggs. Neeraj likes to drink fresh juice when he is hungry and he takes this in between practice. Recently he has included salmon fish in his diet. Hrithik Roshan’s old mother Shilpa – Malaika’s workout, sweats like this in gym can. He loves to eat gol gappas in fast food. They believe that gol gappas contain more water and this does not have much effect on the health of the athlete. On the other hand, if we talk about his diet, then he cheats with his routine only once in 20 days. In this, he prefers to eat homemade churma but in his daily routine he avoids sweet. .

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