list of hidden sugars in foods: Hidden sugars

July 31, 2021 By VishalPatidar

You probably also know that refined sugar (hidden sugar) and the products made from it are dangerous for our health. Experts say that sugar consumption is not only linked to type 2 diabetes. But it can also be very dangerous for your heart. People also become victims of obesity due to the consumption of its sweet.

hidden sugar

At the same time, a recent research suggests that on average, an American citizen consumes up to 60 grams of sugar daily. (1) While these people do not use sugar in their food stuff. But still they consume so much sweet. This is because the packaged and processed food is sold in the name of healthy food. They contain high amount of sugar. Because of which you consume sweets and you do not even know. Let’s know in what ways these companies are making you consume sweets and you are not even aware.

A ​​different name of sugar Sugar is a name given to short-chain carbs Through which food items are made sweet and delicious. There are many ways to add sugar to packaged food items. These are included in the product with different form and name. You can easily recognize some of these names like glucose, fructose and sucrose etc. But sugar can be used by many other names which are a bit difficult to identify.

These 7 Foods Squeeze All the Energy From Your Body, Minimize Their Savings Some of the Dry Sugar Names That May Appear on Labels Barley Maltbeet SugarBrown SugarButtered Sugarcane Juice Crystalcaster SugarCoconut Sugarcorn SweetenerCrystallineFructose Date SugarDexturnmalt PowderEthyl Maltol Fruit Juice ConcentrateGolden SugarInvert SugarMaltodextrin MaltoseMascavedo SugarPenellapalm SugarOrganic Raw SugarPowder Sugar is contained in the soft drink Liquid SyrupAlso sugar can be added to food as a syrup. This liquid syrup is made using too much sugar.

hidden sugar

This type of sugar is mainly added to cold drinks or soft drinks under the name of syrup. You can also see them under different names in beverages and food items. Some of its names are agave nectar, carob syrup, golden syrup, high fructose corn syrup, honey, malt syrup, maple syrup, oat syrup, rice bran syrup and rice syrup etc. Do not eat more than so many teaspoons of sugar in a day, WHO has also confirmed different types of sugar Whenever you buy packaged food items or beverages, you must have often seen that the thing which is more on them is labeled as is given at the top.

Companies take advantage of this, and divide sugar in packaged food in 4 or 5 ways by different names and forms. This makes you think that the amount of sugar in it is very less, which is not true. According to a recent report, the protein bar that people eat as healthy can contain up to 30 grams of sugar. So whenever you buy something, keep in mind the names and forms of sugar on it.

The highest amount of sugar in these things, usually you will often consider cake, candy to be the sweetest product. But let us tell you that even those that you are considering a healthy diet, the amount of sugar is very high. For example Yogurt and Breakfast Cereals Sauce etc. You will be surprised to know that just one cup of some yogurt contains up to 29 grams of sugar. Not only this, up to 4 teaspoons or 16 grams of sugar can be mixed in a whole grain breakfast bar. In such a situation, whenever you buy something packaged. Look for the mixed ingredients on the label on the top of it. These 7 Foods Squeeze All the Energy From Your Body, Reduce Their Consumption Even Healthy Sugar Is Not Healthy Use seeds or plant sugar. An example of this is the agave nectar. Let us tell you that these products only appear healthy as they do not use refined sugar.

But it is also full of calories and problems. Inexplicable tampering with the label There are many vegetables and fruits that contain natural sugar. But they can be digested by consuming them in small amounts. On the other hand, natural sugar and added sugar are given the same place on the label in processed food. Which makes it difficult to understand how much natural sugar you are getting and how much extra. Apart from this, if you consume non-processed food instead of processed food, then it will contain only natural sugar which will be beneficial for you. Keep an eye on the label, not the packaging, in today’s time you will see many such products in the market. On which it will be written in bold letters, low fat, diet, natural etc.

If you also consider such packaged products to be healthy, then it will be your mistake. So if you buy any thing, then definitely read the label carefully. This error in the labels Usually companies show small serving size on the size of the labels to make their product appear healthy. This makes you feel that the amount of ‘sugar per serving’ in it is very less. In such a situation, to avoid such tricks of companies, carefully look at the serving given on the box. Next, decide whether you want to consume them or not. The Game of New PackagingIf you consume a packaged healthy product, take special care of the replaceable packaging on them. Many a times companies start doing big adulteration in the product under the guise of packaging. So if you notice any changes in your favorite product, be alert and check the label again. .

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