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July 8, 2021 By VishalPatidar

Digital Desk, Bhopal. When the lockdown was imposed in India, travel became impossible and old people in remote villages were hungry for money, food, medicine and support. Social activists from the area, which bore the brunt of the first wave of COVID-19 in India, stepped up to create local people’s networks to provide supplies and prevent isolation. Sofia Khan was a strong student from the beginning. He did most of his schooling in Kolkata and obtained both bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the prestigious Calcutta University. Sophia Khan has topped the School Service Commission exam. She currently teaches in a government school and educates students in life sciences and biology. His academic achievements are far ahead of an average student who goes in search of a job and is content with life. The world is plunged into chaos due to the pandemic and the situation in India is no different. An astonishing amount of social work has come to the fore to help the people of our country who are economically and emotionally handicapped. Sofia Khan has dedicated her life to social work and her approach to fight the pandemic is turning heads among the community. She is helping the people she supports through her NGO Sufi Humanity Foundation for medical supplies and rations. He helped many migrant laborers trapped in the pandemic to be sent to their native places with all safety equipment. Community members, postal workers and police officers and Sofia Khan joined the network to help them, distribute food and medicines, collect pensions and give people a new sense of belonging. Services that were previously broken for older people increasingly turned to a community-based approach. Sophia Khan is trying to sustain and build on this new foundation of community-wide care. She created the new system to help and support homeless people with access to foodstuffs; launched a helpline to address signs of increase in domestic violence; online family counseling; ensured that leaders understood social hygiene; and countless other new initiatives that built and expanded relationships. None of this has been achieved without struggle and suffering. Sofia Khan concludes that COVID-19 has put enormous pressure on social workers and the people they work with, and solutions are hard to live up to – sometimes in the face of rigid social service systems that are not conducive to innovation, Sofia Khan But as 2020 comes to an end, it is also clear that it will consolidate what it has achieved in the face of an unprecedented global crisis. If ever there was a time to connect us, it is now. Every contribution, whether big or small, powers our humanity and sustains our future.

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