How to be Happy : 5 Best practical and proven ways be Happy

May 18, 2021 By VishalPatidar

People says that happiness is a state of mind and how to be happy , but what it is actually mean , is it mean that you have to think of be happy or you have to train your mind for being happy in every situation . No it is not like that , the phrase that said happiness is a state of mind means that happiness comes from inside and if you start doing things that allows you to make your mind and body in a good space then you can be happy .

how to be happy practical ways

Here we are providing 5 very simple , practical and scientific ways that you can implement in your daily life easily and can get back to happier days . Just remember that you have to make your will strong first to get out of unhappy feelings.

1 .Practice Yoga Asanas on daily basis

Practicing Yoga on daily basis helps in reducing stress from your mind and it also keep your body healthy , so when you are physically and mentally healthy then happiness will come from inside and the tendency to get unhappy decreases with daily practice of Yoga . It is proved in researches also that people who do physical Asanas are more happy than who don’t workout.

Asanas for making your mind , body and soul in a great space 
  • Balasana (child’s pose)
  • Uttanasana (standing forward bend)
  • Sukhasana (easy pose)
  • Prasarita Padottanasana (wide legged standing forward bend)

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2 . Go to social functions more often

Social functions are the things which allow you to interact with more people and minds which also allow you to open up your mind , feelings and you can showcase you as a person . Social gathering helps in reducing stress from your mind and one can forget the things that are annoying one’s mind . Sometimes gathering helps in making new friends which are very useful to grow and make you happy . Always try to express yourself in front of others to neglect the feeling that is making home in your mind .

Things to do in social gathering which can make you happy 
  • Express yourself in front of others
  • Make new friends
  • Try to forget the back mind things
  • Talk to happy people

3 . Take a good amount of Sleep everyday

Taking good sleep everyday is the most important thing to make your mind and body in good space . Adequate sleep of 7-9 hours everyday is helpful in keeping the negative things aside and making you feel good . Researches also shows that person who take proper sleep are more happy than the person who are not able to sleep well . But make sure that very long sleep time is also not healthy so make sure that you take sleep for 7-9 hours only .

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Things that helps in good sleep
  • Stay away from gadgets for least of 1 hour before you go to sleep
  • Try to read good things before going to bed
  • Talk to your loved ones
  • Avoid unbalanced diet at night time

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4 . Doing Meditation prevents negative thoughts

Meditation is a practice used for increasing concentration , decreasing stress and to prevent negative thoughts . Steadies have also revealed that meditation helps in keeping a person positive and calm . Practice of meditation is important for people who are not calm from their mind and are very negative or people who always tends to have negative thoughts .

Things to keep in mind while practicing meditation 
  • Choose a calm place with no disturbance
  • Always try to focus on your breath or at one point
  • Do not try to force your thoughts
  • At least do 10 minutes practice of meditation daily


5 . Watch videos and shows which involves good message

Always watch movies which are light and helps you to make you feel light minded . Watch motivational shows which gives you boost and increase your moral . Try to take notes from the shows that are good for you in everyday life and learn from the shows to keep yourself happy .

How to choose videos and shows
  • Make sure speakers are experience and have good amount of followers
  • Watch movies which make you laugh for most of the time during movie time
  • Always try to take positive things as a note.


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