How do I stop feeling sleepy after eating: Food Habits

August 1, 2021 By VishalPatidar

It is believed that by eating food, your body gets energy for the whole day. But if seen, the person remains a little lethargic and tired after having a meal. After eating he starts falling asleep. Feeling tired after eating is very common. There are many other reasons why your food works against fuel. Experts say that when the food enters, different machines work to break down the food and send it to the places that help your body to continue its work. It takes a lot of energy, due to which a person feels tired after eating. If you also feel tired after eating, then here we are telling you some reasons. Knowing these and following them will make post-meal fatigue completely disappear and you will be full of energy. Overeating Sometimes feeling tired after a meal is related to how much you ate rather than what you ate it happens. The more food you eat, the more energy is needed to break it down. Spending all that energy can lead to fatigue, so reduce the portion size and make it a habit to eat high-protein snacks in between meals when you feel hungry. These 7 foods squeeze out all the energy from your body, reduce their intake of fat and carbs, if your food is high in fat and carbs, then they will make you lethargic. Cholecystokinin, a hormone released from the small intestine, is believed to be responsible here. Suppose a slice of cheese pizza, rich in high fat and calories, is eaten, then CCK is released. According to some research, there is a link between an increase in CCK after eating a high-fat meal and falling asleep a few hours later. Consuming alcoholIf you drink alcohol, you may feel lethargic after a meal. According to health experts, alcohol suppresses our central nervous system, which makes us sleepy. However this effect does not last long. But drinking alcohol close to bedtime definitely disturbs the sleeping cycle. If you regularly see the energy level drop, then avoid it completely. If you are also fond of puri and paratha, then know what is bad for your health and the problem of co-hormonal imbalance if you constantly after eating If you are tired, you should talk to your doctor about whether an underlying condition is triggering your symptoms. Apart from this, underlying conditions like hormonal imbalance, insulin sensitivity, anemia can also be responsible for tiredness or sleepiness after meals, Science has also acknowledged, this dish is the secret of Japanese longevity, can treat COVID-19 more Consuming Tryptophan in Moderate When tryptophan-rich foods are eaten in large amounts, especially with carbohydrate-rich foods, you will notice that you feel tired only a few hours after eating. Explain that tryptophan is often found in chocolate, milk bread, chicken, peanuts and oats. Actually, the amino acid helps to make your body’s relaxation hormones serotonin and melatonin. For this reason it is recommended as a treatment for sleep disorders such as insomnia. There are many other reasons why you can feel tired at any time of the day after a meal, so if you feel that you are tired. If so, talk to your doctor in this regard. .

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