Home remedies for common diseases in rainy season | Health: Home remedies to avoid diseases during the rainy season

July 13, 2021 By VishalPatidar

Digital Desk, New Delhi. When the monsoon arrives, it gives relief from the heat. Trees and plants become green and the weather is pleasant. But, during the rainy season, it is most important to take care of your health. So today we will tell you about some such things, which will prove to be helpful in keeping you healthy in this season. Ginger ginger tea is loved by almost everyone. Ginger plays an important role in improving mood. Along with this, our appetite also increases. On the other hand, if you drink a glass of warm water mixed with ginger and lemon in the morning, then the body remains active throughout the day. Eating garlic rich in antioxidants, relieves stress in high BP, it provides wellness to the body. Not only this, it helps in digesting our food quickly and well. Consuming garlic with water cures diseases like cold, cold and asthma. Ulcer patients and pregnant women should avoid eating garlic continuously. Pear, rich in fiber, helps a lot in the digestive system of the body, the pectin found in it helps a lot in cleaning the stomach. Due to anti-oxidants and vitamin C, immunity becomes good and the ability to fight diseases also increases. Consumption of pears reduces the risk of flu. Its consumption also improves the skin. Apart from enhancing the taste of black pepper, there are many other benefits of black pepper, it is very helpful in removing headache. Drinking tea made from it in the morning removes phlegm. It is also used to make decoctions, soups and spice teas during the rainy season. Turmeric is commonly used for its golden color and medicinal benefits. But, apart from this, turmeric also has many benefits. Turmeric is hot, so it is used to cure colds. Drinking turmeric mixed with a decoction or hot milk provides relief in cold. Consumption of almonds, rich in low fat and more protein, is very beneficial in the rains. It improves immunity, which helps in digestion. Many diseases can be avoided by consuming almonds in the rain.

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