Healthy Fruits: This sour cranberry is a powerhouse of calcium, iron in blood and fills life in bones.

August 13, 2021 By VishalPatidar

Have you ever tasted Karonda? It is a native fruit, which is usually very sour and pungent. In India, Karonda is most commonly used for making spicy pickles. Even though this fruit is small in size, but it beats even medicines in health matters. Eating it not only improves digestion, but is also considered very good for strengthening immunity and reducing stress. The scientific name of Karonda is Carissa carandas, which belongs to the barrie family. The fruit is sour and acidic in its raw state, while it turns sweet when ripe. It works wonderfully in reducing your health problems. So let’s know how Karonda is beneficial for your health and why you should make it a part of your daily diet. Rich in Nutrients – Nutrients are found in abundance in Karonda. Being rich in vitamin C, vitamin B and iron, it removes free radicals from the body. Apart from this, karonda fruit contains many antioxidants such as flavonoids, alkaloids, tannins, carisones and triterpenoids, which provide benefits such as anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, cardiotonic and analgesic properties. To keep the heart muscles strong, to maintain heart health, the juice of karonda should be drunk. To strengthen the heart muscle, reduce the risk of heart diseases like heart attack and high blood pressure, as well as to circulate the blood in all parts of the body, consume a glass of juice of this fruit twice or thrice a week. needed. Relieves Fever Karonda has been used for centuries to treat fever, along with vitamin C present in sufficient quantity in affles. Being rich in antioxidants, this delicious fruit helps in reducing fever by fighting infections. Eating ripe or dried cranberries helps a lot in controlling fever. Helps in Weight Loss After including it in your diet, you will find it very easy to maintain weight. After eating it in any form, the stomach feels full for a long time. By consuming its juice regularly, weight can be reduced. Benefit in anemia It is believed that Karonda provides great benefits to the patients of anemia. Not only this, it is often advised to eat Karonda to boost immunity. Improving Mental Health Regular consumption of karonda fruit is considered beneficial for improving one’s mental health. Magnesium, along with vitamins and tryptophan, is helpful in stimulating the production of the neurotransmitter serotonin. Make bones strongIf you are troubled by the problem of weak bones, then definitely include Karonda in your diet. Calcium is found in good amount, which is very important for making bones strong. Reduce stomach pain This fiber-rich fruit can treat stomach problems better. Dried Karonda powder can be consumed by mixing it with water. This relaxes the abdominal tissue and helps in eliminating indigestion, gas and bloating. Treat InflammationAccording to many scientific studies, if there is swelling anywhere in the body, then eating karonda fruit is very beneficial. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, consumption of the fruit can prevent the formation of toxic agents in the body. Apart from this, this fruit is also beneficial for the treatment of bleeding gums and pitta. It is said that this fruit has a great ability to reduce thirst. Even Karonda is beneficial in the treatment of ulcers and epilepsy. .

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