Coronavirus breakthrough infections: Even after taking both doses of the vaccine, such people will always be in danger, know the answers to all the questions

August 9, 2021 By VishalPatidar

The government of the world is seen doing everything possible to deal with the corona virus. But still the delta variant is catching people very fast. At the same time, the process of vaccination is going on in full swing all over the world. But despite this, many such cases are coming to the fore where people have taken the corona vaccine. But despite this, many people are getting infected with the virus. Although these cases are very few and scientists are also saying that a lot remains to be known about it. Apart from this, there are also people who have been infected with the corona virus twice, even if the virus has not bothered them so much for the second time. In this situation, it cannot even be said who will be infected or not. Now there are many questions about Corona which are coming to the fore with increasing cases. Let us know these questions and their answers. Why cases are increasing even after vaccination, cases of corona virus are now more visible than before. This is happening when vaccination is being done in large quantities. Not only this, many such people have been found in Israel who have become infected even after vaccination. On this, experts believe that the ability of the virus to change form frequently has made it more effective. Also, after vaccination, people have started coming out considering the situation as normal. Due to which the cases of corona infection are also increasing. However, the news of relief is that the rate of infection of people who have been vaccinated is still negligible. Morning-afternoon or evening, at what time of the day you will get more benefits by applying Covid Vaccine, know whether the infection becomes serious after vaccination, people who are getting infected even after both doses of vaccination. The virus is not affecting them much. Of these, only a small number of people have required hospitalization. Some people were included in recent studies conducted by the CDC. Those who were given both doses of the vaccine. Of these, 27 percent had very few symptoms. Apart from this, there were many people who did not even know when they got infected. At the same time, only 10 percent of the people were admitted to the hospital and only less than two percent were seen to be at risk of death. It has also been found in this research that people who have been given both doses of the vaccine. A very mild viral load has been found in their lungs during corona infection. But keep in mind that these symptoms have appeared only in those people who have received both the doses of the vaccine, 14 to 20 days have passed. For people who have not been vaccinated for a long time or who have taken only one dose, the condition may worsen if they become infected. Why is the virus spreading rapidly, even though the vaccination of corona is going on very fast within the country and the world. But people suddenly become careless towards the corona, not following the guidelines or living in a hospital, office, or a place where there is very little air leakage. These are all the reasons which are helping the corona virus to spread very fast. Corona can be prevented from growing only by staying away from such a place. Who is more at risk There can be many reasons for getting infected with corona virus early, such as age, weak immunity, not following the guidelines etc. Apart from this, through a recent analysis, it is found that the virus is catching women more rapidly. This is happening not only in one or two countries but all over the world. That too it is happening more with those women, who are either frontline workers or those who are working in the health sector itself. Not only this, a surprising thing is that the virus is able to affect women more than once compared to men. The effect of the vaccine is less because with the spread of the corona virus, the vaccine was made on its first version. Was. After which the virus has changed many forms till now. This is also the reason that the effect of the vaccine is decreasing over time. It is also being speculated that due to its changing form, people may also need additional booster shots. While the delta variant of Corona is not only spreading rapidly. But it is also more powerful. However, in such a situation, the vaccination is more effective and works against the virus. But because the virus is more powerful, it also crosses antibodies. Apart from this, after getting the vaccine, the effect of the vaccine can also be reduced due to lack of care and safety. have to follow. Apart from this, the precautions mentioned after the vaccine will also have to be followed. Apart from this, regardless of the vaccine, wherever the person is, how high is the risk of infection. Take special care of this too. This is the only way you can protect yourself from infection. .

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