Ceramic Braces : Types and 10 Pros & Cons of Ceramic Braces

May 28, 2021 By VishalPatidar

Ceramic Braces are used for binding the Teeth which are not in proper alignment . Ceramic Braces are made up of polycrystraline or monocrystraline aluminum or we can say glass like materials .

ceramic braces

Ceramic Braces are almost transparent when seen from some distance , not like metal braces which shines . Ceramic braces comes up with almost same color as your teeth .

When patient is allergic to some conditions then people are always advice for ceramic braces . These are more helpful than metal braces .

People opt for Ceramic braces more now a days because ,these are less visible and people can get more confident as these might cause decline in confidence for certain people .

But everything which is good also has bad side , as two sides of coins .

Pros and Cons of Ceramic braces are –


  • Ceramic Braces come with wide ranges of colors and these are very less visible than the metal braces . Whereas metal braces are shiny and give the unpleasant appearance of a mouth filled with metal parts.
  • Ceramic Braces can prevent unpleasant appearance .
  • These braces are almost non visible because , of their material used in making .This glass like material helps in preventing shines which are clearly visible in metal braces .
  • Metal braces are not comfortable as ceramic braces . Sometimes these braces show no discomfort at all .
  • You can expand your mouth as much as you can while laughing , as these braces are not shinny .
  • The timing or description for use is almost same as metal braces .
  • You can choose any color you want according to your teeth color , as they come in color ranges .
  • These braces can help you treat your teeth faster .
  • These are also less painful than metal braces.


  • These can be more brittle compare from metal braces . These are made up of crystalline material or we can say that these are made up of glass like material therefore at times these can be more brittle.
  • Ceramic braces are more costly than metal braces , as they are made up of special materials
  • Because of their white shade these are more likely to get dirt , and can create problems in cleaning .
  • Problem in cleaning them can cause gums , which is not a good thing at all .
  • You have to avoid certain foods or drinks which can cause sudden strain on your braces .
  • These braces are required to cleaned after every meal .

How Ceramic Braces help patients

Braces are practical proof for your teeth to make them help look natural and more effective than previous vision . Due to the presence of unnatural alignment of teeth you can feel less confident or you have to think twice before smiling , that how will i look if i smile fully , can i smile less or full , can i talk to them opening my mouth naturally? These all questions have one answer which is braces .

Braces can help you come out from all these trauma and can make you more confident than ever . These braces can help you in impacting your social and personal life also .

Now talking about medically braces can help patients in many conditions like

  • These can fill the extra gaps between your teeth.
  • Overbites and Underbites of your teeth can be cured by applying these metalor ceramic braces .
  • More teeth at one places or multiple places can cause overcrowding of teeth , and this condition can also be cured by applying braces .
  • Crossbites are also cured by these braces .
  • Braces helps in improving oral health of patients as after applying braces teeth starts gaining natural condition which is needed .
  • Helps in reducing the struggle of chewing and flashing .
  • Can improve vocals which comes with teeth interface .
  • These reduces your risk of gum and oral health condition , you just have to make sure that you clear them properly after meals .
  • Improve your looks and smile .

People who needs braces

Now the question arrises that who needs braces , so the answer is the people who have problems with the alignment of their teeth . These braces are made for people whose teeth are grown full but not properly . People needs braces if they have conditions like wide teeth , overbiting teeth ,underbiting teeth or crowded teeth .

Which brace to choose ceramic braces vs metal braces

Ceramic braces – People who just have grown teeth fully and their teeth are stopped from any further growing are more likely to advice ceramic braces , as these ensures a fast action and can help in reducing or having any further alignment problem . These braces are made of glass like structure and are white or almost invisible colored braces , so people who want their braces to be invisible from some distance can go with these braces .

Metal braces – Metal braces are the most common braces these days also because , of their cost and effectiveness . These are sure shot effective and gave gaurantee that your teeth will come in proper position . Metal braces are more strong and durable , it also give more control and stability . These are more strong colored and there is no problem of discolouration .

Length of treatment

Length of treatment of may vary from people to people . People who have very hard condition like crowding of teeth or have very wide teeth , will have to take braces for more time than compared to people who have very less wide teeth or no hard condition .

Whereas ceramic braces take almost same time as metal braces because , but ceramic braces needs modification from time to time as they are more brittle .

The process of straightening might take longer in ceramic braces because, of modification things happen with ceramic .

Strain of Braces

Ceramic braces are more prone to strains because of their color . The elastic ties used to hold them to the wire are really easy to strain . Some tips to avoid staining your ceramic bracket are

  • Avoid smoking , whose black smoke can strain these braces
  • Tomoto ,wine , hard tea etc. are the foods that cause strains easily .
  • Don’t avoid cleaning after every meal .
  • Go to orthodontist timely , who can detect bad braces .

Cost of braces ceramic and metal

Cost of braces are different for both . Ceramic braces are more costly than metal braces .Cost may vary from $3500 to $8000 for ceramic braces and metal braces cost varies from $2500 to $5500 . Remember these cost may vary from hospital to hospital and orthodontist to orthodontist .

ceramic braces cost


Ceramic braces are good choice for people who has low density of teeth problems like wide teeth or outbiting teeth . These are also good choice for people who want good look because ,these braces are not likely to look from some distance .

On the other hand metal braces are more cheap and are more durable . These braces are required for people who has very hard condition like multiple crowding . Anybody can use these braces as per their choice .


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