celebrity fitness: Celebrity Exercise Tips: This 80s actress still looks young, does ‘weight lifting’ everyday to stay fit at this age

August 3, 2021 By VishalPatidar

If your body has become shapeless at the age of 58 and you are looking for ways to stay fit, then Bollywood actress Anita Raj can take inspiration from you. The 1980s star is known for her beauty as well as fitness. It is difficult to guess her age from her fitness. His well-maintained body is the reason why even today people are fascinated by this Punjabi kudi. Recently, the actress’ workout on social media has attracted everyone’s attention. So let’s know how Anita Raj keeps herself fit at the age of 58. (Photo Credits: Instagram @anitaraaj) Never Miss WorkoutActress Anita Raj does regular workouts. She keeps trying different types of exercises to stay fit and active. Apart from heavy weight training, his workout routine also includes exercises like CrossFit and punching. Anita explains that at the age of 58, along with weight training, other forms of strength training have become an essential part of her fitness routine. They say that if you are not able to workout for some reason, then go for brisk walking and swimming and get as much sleep as possible to stay fit. The actress reveals that she does cardio three days a week and on other days the combination of weight training, strength training and HIIT keeps her fit. Anita Raj told that when she started weight training 25 years ago, she used to think that it is only for men and not for women. But I’m glad I was wrong to think so. Women must lift weights. This will help them stay fit, agile and strengthen muscles as they age. Even if you are over 35, you can still start with light weight. Anita Raj Keeping the mind healthy while lifting the weight of 72 kg is also important, according to Anita Raj, a healthy mind is a healthy body. The biggest battle for me is with the mind. If your mind is healthy, your body is healthy. For a healthy mind, the actress starts her day by chanting at 5:30 in the morning and working out in the gym. Strengthens toned body and glute muscles, she takes it in workout diet rotis made from millet or jowar, with slim trim and well maintained body, the beautiful actress who looks fit even today does not rely on any diet. Yet he believes that we should work on our diet as diligently as we do on our training. According to him, if you follow good eating habits, then the weight will not increase. His diet includes roti made from bajra or jowar, which is rich in nutrients. Consuming meat in the afternoon is completely avoided. In the evening, the actress often consumes white eggs and nuts in the evening. Interestingly, she herself never eats boiled vegetables. According to them you should eat food which is delicious. It is not necessary to eat boiled food to stay fit, just stay away from junk food. Anita does these workouts for strength, must follow these 3 tips before going to the gym Anita Raj tells gym goers to follow 3 tips. Be the first to be prepared and be regular. Be careful while training. Third, whatever you are eating, then pay attention to it and avoid copying others. Anita Raj’s never-give-up attitude is commendable. According to him strength does not come from physical ability. An indomitable will comes from power. So respect and nurture your body. .

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