bhagyashree fitness: At the age of 52, Bhagyashree did Deadlifts workout, weight loss would happen quickly; bones become steely

August 18, 2021 By VishalPatidar

When it comes to fitness, everyone wants to try something new. While some try home remedies for weight loss, some add new exercises to their daily routine. There is no age to maintain fitness, you can challenge yourself to keep fit anytime. All you need is passion and hard work. Recently, Bollywood actress Bhagyashree shared a glimpse of her deadlift on Instagram. Along with this, he also told the fans about his health, diet and other aspects of life. However, in this article, we will tell you about the health benefits of deadlift workouts performed by Bhagyashree. Bhagyashree added a new workout to the routine, sharing her workout post, Bhagyashree wrote, ‘First-ever deadlifts (doing deadlifts for the first time). Don’t be too late to try something new, don’t feel weak and don’t be afraid to give up. By the way, the actress shares ayurvedic tips from workout posts to her daily routine on social media. But this latest workout post of his and the things written in the caption is an inspiration for all of us. The video of deadlift at the age of 52 is really motivational and the caption is also filling energy for fitness. See Bhagyashree’s heavy workout how to do deadlift Deadlift is the most important body posture to do deadlift. To do this, in the beginning, standing absolutely straight Be done. Make a half-foot gap between the feet and bend the knees slightly. While doing the deadlift, pull the hip as far back as possible. Hold the barbell from outside instead of in front of the legs. Push your ankles toward the floor and look forward as you lift the weight. Now hold the rod with both hands and stand straight. Now while keeping the spine straight, come back to the straight position and repeat the same again. Deadlifts strengthen bones Deadlifts are known to provide better core strength and stability to the body which helps in muscle building and weight loss. While many believe that weight training can make women ‘bulk up’, it is not so. Experts believe that this type of weight training helps in increasing bone density. Let us tell you that as you age, the risk of bone-related problems in your joints decreases and with such exercise you can get relief by making yourself stronger. Major muscles working together in deadlift Samiran Chetia, certified fitness trainer at K11 Academy of Fitness Sciences, says, “Deadlift is a natural movement that we do on a regular basis. Through this you can improve or say improve your body posture. Apart from this, through deadlift, all our major muscles work together which helps in the development of overall health. This makes our body strong. Improves sleep quality According to DataliftChetia, ‘Doing weight lifting daily improves sleep quality.’ After getting good sleep, the person remains active for the whole day and is able to work efficiently. Apart from this machine, you can also practice weight lifting, such as lifting a gas cylinder or any other heavy object. Deadlift Workout Helpful in increasing testosterone levels Deadlifting also increases hormones. Since deadlift is the best compound exercise and all the major muscles of the body are used in doing it. Therefore, it takes a lot of stress and hence the testosterone level also increases. 8 to 10 reps of deadlifts increase the level of testosterone and hormone growth in the body. .

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